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Adam - Perfectly Curated Straight Razor Shave Kit

This premium men's shaving shavette straight razor kit is created with some of the best pieces on th..


Admiral - This Is a Unique Barbershop Inspired Amazing Straight Razor

This is our beautifully crafted and well-balanced matte black barbershop inspired straight razor tha..


Alejandro - Masterfully Crafted and Curated Kc Shave Co. Safety Razor

This beautifully constructed 3-piece Alejandro safety razor is designed to be your daily use razor. ..


Angelo - The finest Safety Razor Kit ever Assembled

The origin of the Angelo safety razor kit traces back to the foundation of our company.  As we ..


Atticus - Silvertip Badger Hair Gold Label Shaving Brush

Our premium gold label silvertip Badger hair shave brush has arrived. It has a beautiful balance and..


Augustus - Premium Gold Label Travel Safety Razor Kit

We are introducing a Limited Edition run of the brand new Augustus shave kit.  It's a beautiful..


Boris - Well crafted Safety Razor Kit Built to Last

Men's shaving has gone through a lot of changes through the years, but the one constant in wet shavi..


Brandon - the Best Daily Use Safety Razor

This is a really fun safety razor that we thoroughly enjoyed designing.  We wanted it to be dur..


Bruno - Magnificent Safety Razor Kit perfect for daily use!

One of the most important things about any shaving kits, specifically a safety razor kit is that it ..


Bulldog - This Straight Razor Kit Is Striking and Hard Not to Love

When it comes to men's shaving we've set out to create the best shaving set possible.  We've sc..


Captain - Beautiful Stainless Steel Straight Razor

This is a beautiful stainless steel straight razor inspired by barbershops around the country.  ..


Clyde - the Smoothest and Most Elegant Barbershop Style Straight Razor

This shavette straight razor as a stainless steel handle and a beautifully contoured resin handle we..


Dominic - the Ultimate Straight Razor Kit with Brush and Shave Soap

The Dominic is a robust straight razor kit that if cared for can last a lifetime.  We are using..


Donald - Unique and Practical Safety Razor Kit

The Donald safety razor set is a collection of premium KC Shave Co. brand of products.  It..


Elijah - Amazing Barbershop-inspired Straight Razor Kit

We took to the streets, so to speak, to develop the Elijah.  In doing so, we spoke with many pr..


Giovanni - Safety Razor Kit - The world’s best 4-Piece shave kit made from the best materials

Tucked inside our elegant KC Shave Co. packaging you’ll start to unwrap one of the finest wet shavin..


Jasper - Timeless Straight Razor Kit to Keep You Looking Sharp for Years to Come

We really wanted to create a daily use straight razor kit, so we came up with the Jasper.  ..


Javier - Excellent 2-piece Wake-up and Safety Razor Shave Kit

This is a wonderfully curated with a slightly thinner handle with deeper grooves for better control ..


Kc Shave Co. - 2-piece Stainless Steel Shave Stand

This handsome shave stand will turn your shave den into manly piece of heaven.  Purchase this s..


Leonardo - A Very Classy 3-Piece Safety Razor Shaving Kit

The Leonardo is a really fun safety razor kit.  It has been curated to be a true daily shave ki..



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