5 Funny Gift Ideas For Men With A Sense Of Humor

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Do you have a dad with a sense of humor? Is your brother the family comedian? If any of the men in your life have a mischievous sense of humor, it's time to have some fun with their gifts. Here are some funny gift ideas for men you can surprise him with in time for his birthday.


Trying to find that perfect gift that lets them know you get them? Something fun and funny that reflects who they are. It doesn't all have to be plastic dog poop and rubber vomit.


There are plenty of funny gifts ideas for men that are still practical. Spend some time thinking about what they really like and build your gift ideas around those. Here are a few funny gift ideas for men to get you started.


Funny Gift Ideas for Men

Gifts that are geared specifically for someone makes them all the more special. Making an effort to reflect their personality means so much more.


1. Socks/Ties


It might sound boring but there are some really wild designs and patterns available. You can find toes and socks to match. These are great for the corporate man who is still itching to let his artistic side fly.

Bright colors, patterned with themes like their favorite sports or teams, whiskey bottles, pot leaves, coffee, cats and dogs, all you need to do is look and you will find exactly what you are looking for.


2. Bar Accessories


These items are available in themed patterns and designed from his favorite sporting events to cartoon characters. From funky ice cube trays to decanter bottles, you will have a great time checking them all out.

You can also get glasses etched with his favorite saying or quote. These are perfect gifts ideas for the man who loves a nice glass and his favorite adult beverage. Plus, a reminder you were paying attention.


3. Handmade


If you have an artist side you can make all kinds of great funny gifts. From picture frames to T-shirts to back-scratchers and even jewelry. A collage of pictures in a nice frame, protective sleeves for their gadgets with funny memes or characters or a personalized coffee mug.

For those on a budget, make a coupon booklet for them to redeem. You can make these funny but practical, like no piano practice before breakfast, no running the vacuum on Saturday and 'eat-what-you-want' Monday. Tailored to their needs, it's fun and useful.


4. Themes


If they love to golf or cars or are known for their epic flatulence, there is no shortage of gifts in these areas. You can find items already geared towards these areas or make your own.

Paint some golfball, noisemakers that sound like farts, toilet-shaped coffee mugs, mats for the bathroom that double as a teeing station. Keychains, writing paper, and pens, or funny golf club covers.


5. Gift Baskets


Putting together a gift basket with lots of their favorite items make it fun for you and them. Add wine, condoms, candy and other favorite junk food items, maps for those afraid to ask for directions and any other fun gadgets they will enjoy.


Wrap it Up


Giving gifts shouldn't be a chore. It's fun and more meaningful when you find things the person likes and appreciates. When the gift is practical, even better. Enjoy putting together their gift, and it will show.


You don't have to go straight for the gag gift to make it amusing when it's something personal and an inside joke. There are plenty of funny gift ideas for men that are also practical. For more gift ideas, please continue reading here.

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