5 Tailgate Accessories Every Man Needs

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To make sure your festivities go off without a hitch, check out these 5 tailgate accessories every man needs.


Hey. You love tailgating, right? Of course you do!

Who doesn't?

What's better than chilling with your best buddies during football season? Not much, I reckon.

So you've got your beer. You've got your burgers. You've got your bros.

Now all you need are some tailgate accessories to really kick things off.

I've got you covered. Check out these five neat accessories to make things go with a bang.


1. Cooler


What good are those beers if you're going to let them go warm? You need a cooler to keep those bad boys ice cold.

And don't just get any cooler, either.

If you want to make a splash, get one with all the trimmings:

  • USB port
  • Bottle opener
  • Built-in speaker
  • Maybe even a blender

Plus one that's got a large storage capacity is only going to be beneficial.

Remember: a cold beverage is a happy beverage.


2. Chairs


You don't plan on standing up all day, do you?

If you're a die-hard fan who always arrives several hours early, you'll definitely need some outdoor chairs for maximum comfort (and chill time).

They don't have to be radically expensive, but there is definitely one key ingredient to any tailgating chair: a cup holder.

You don't want your beer to go walkabouts now, do you?


3. Heater


Nothing will ruin your fun like a sudden drop in temperature, so when I say this is a necessity, I mean it.

Adding a good heater into the mix will not only drive the coldness away, but it might even attract other tailgaters. The more the merrier, right?

They're generally pretty lightweight and easy to carry. Not only that, but a decent one can easily several hours.


4. Power Generator


It's time to kick it up a notch!

Where most tailgaters would have to call it a night early on, you can keep the party going with a power generator.

Make sure you get one with multiple outlets. That way, you and your neighbors can make the most of your tailgating time.

Sure, some of them can be a bit heavy, but your truck can withstand the extra weight. Especially when it's for a good cause.


5. Portable Grill


I'm saving the best for last.

You've got your stack of beer and your friends. Now all you need is some food to really set things off.

Nachos aren't going to sustain you for long.

No self-respecting tailgater would be seen dead without something to cook those burgers and wieners on. The very idea!

The best tactic is to get yourself a tailgate grill that has both the capacity to cook a load of food, but is also designed to be sleek and easy to fold away. Yes, it is possible to have it both ways.


Tailgate Accessories A-Plenty


There are loads more tailgate accessories that you can make full use of when you're at the game.

But I consider these to be the absolute essentials. Once you've got your grill, heater, chairs, extra power and beer cooler, nothing can stop you!

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