Beard Care Tips for Thriving Facial Hair

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Beard Care Tips for Thriving Facial Hair


Growing a beard is one thing, but keeping it looking nice is a whole other story. Use these tips to keep your facial hair looking its best.


An epic beard doesn't just happen. Beard care is essential for a well-maintained, enviable beard.


Beard care isn't complicated. Following a few great tips can keep your beard soft, tamed, and perfectly shaped. Whether you're new to the growing game or have an established beard, these tips are for you. Read on to learn more about caring for your hard-earned facial hair.


Wash Wisely


Like your hair, beards will require washing. You have to make sure you get it right.

Wash your beard daily in cool water. This keeps it clean without drying out natural oils.

Twice weekly, your beard should be washed with a quality, gentle shampoo that is free of sulfate. Never use soaps, as these can be harsh and drying.


Condition After Washing


On the days that you shampoo your beard, follow up with conditioner. This should be applied and left to sit for a few minutes before being rinsed out with cool water.

If you've only washed with cool water, rub a few drops of beard oil or jojoba oil into your palm and work this through your beard. This oil will replace natural oils that are lost during cleansing.

For a nice touch, after your beard is dry, a quick spritz of your favorite cologne keeps your beard smelling great all day.


Add Beard Oil to Your Beard Care Routine


Beard oil is more than just a conditioner. It does replace oils lost in the showering and cleansing process to restore moisture, but that's not all.

Beard oil is the ultimate product for beard maintenance and taming. It's an essential for growing a healthy, strong beard.

Beard oil:

  • Helps you maintain beard shape
  • Adds a lustrous sheen
  • Keeps your beard soft
  • Adds pleasant fragrance to your facial hair

Application of beard oil is simple and the results make this grooming step a must for any beard.


Train That Beard


Trimming can give your beard its basic shape, but you'll also need to spend time training your beard so it grows in the way you want.

To keep your beard from running wild, comb or brush it downward daily. If necessary, you can use a styling product to keep strays in place.


Don't Neglect the 'Stache


Most beards will come with their partner in success, the mustache. Don't forget your 'stache when pursuing beard greatness.

Keep your mustache trimmed beneath your nose and shape it with a sculpting wax for a neat mustache with good manners.


Learn Trimming Technique


Whether your beard will be long or cropped close, you'll need to learn how to trim it to maintain the desired shape. Beard hairs don't all grow at the same rate, so you'll have to be proactive with trimming to keep it sharp.

You may also need to adjust your shaving technique to keep your face tidy in select areas. Beard growing doesn't usually equate to zero shaving, so shave wisely for a well-groomed look.

Get a good trimmer and learn a technique that works for your beard style and shape.


A Great Beard Takes Time, Patience, and Good Grooming


You've already made the commitment to grow a beard, which can take quite a while. If you have the patience to grow it out, you'll be able to take time out for daily upkeep.

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