2019 Father's Day: Your Guide to the Absolute Best Gifts for Dad

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2019 Father's Day: Your Guide to the Absolute Best Gifts for Dad


Father's Day is around the corner, which means it's time to start thinking about Father's Day gifts. Read on to learn about the best gifts for dad.


Father's Day is June 16, 2019. Are you ready?


Daddies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are veterans to the dad game while others are in their rookie season. No matter who they are, we love them.


Father's day is a time to show the dads in our lives how essential they are. Express your gratitude with some dad-itude (see what I did there?).


This Dia del Padres, ditch the neckties. Show the man you really care with these gifts for dad that are sure to get a smile.


Gifts for the Fitness Dad


Many dads what to fight the effects of age by staying trim and lean. Whether he's a father or a grandfather, future knee-bouncing requires fitness. Check out these gifts for the gym-rat in your life.


Kettle Bell Set


Kettlebells got their start in German markets about 300 years ago. They acted as counterweights for weighing fresh produce. Soon people started throwing them around for entertainment. Today these versatile little pots of thunder are used to build all-over muscle. They range in sizes for the beginner bodybuilder to the advanced.

Grab a set of bells for the fitness daddy in your life that wants to get in a good workout from home.


Fitness Watch


A fitness watch is a great gift for the dad that wants to keep time and his personal analytics. These watches monitor calories, heart rate, steps, and more. Many smartwatches also help to improve productivity. These are great gifts for the tech lover and slightly obsessed gym goer.


Floor Mats


Any home with a gym/workout area can benefit from floor mats. Not only will it protect your hardwood, but mats are also a better surface for working out. They decrease the impact of your joints and reduce the frequency of injury.

Use these to lift weights, practice yoga, or get in some body weight exercises. 

Gifts for the Well-Groomed, Gentleman Dad


Some dads are more refined. They pride themselves on grooming, bartending knowledge, and becoming a gentleman's gentleman. Check out these gifts for the well-groomed dad in your life.

Trimmers and Shaving Sets


It is a known fact that a man in possession of a beard is in want of a good trimmer. And all trimmers are not created equally. A proper trimmer gives a close shave and clean lines. To create the best gift experience, a shaving set is the way to go. A trimmer is a great gift for men who have thick or curly facial hair. It prevents painful, unsightly ingrown hairs. A straight razor is another great option to help avoid razor bumps.




Many refined gentlemen are connoisseurs of good whiskey and the proper ways of serving it. Get the dad in your life the personalized boozey gifts he didn't realize he wanted. Virtually any gift can be personalized: wine bottles, whiskey bottles, cigar cutters, shot glasses, flasks.


Complement this with specialty ice trays for the connoisseur of fine spirits.


Gifts for Dad-bod Dad


The dad with the dad-bod is a jack of all trades. You can't disappoint this hard-working dad because he literally likes everything. Really surprise his tinkering heart with these gifts.


Voice Assistant


The latest gadgets are household robots that play music and order food at a voice request. Amazon's Alexa or Google's Home device is a gift to lift the heart of any father.




Let's face it, drones are the grownup version of remote control cars. Drones range in price and sophistication from small to large and simple to complex. This gadget will keep anyone busy for hours of fun. For the dad with an entrepreneur spirit, drone stock footage is a great way to make money on the side.


The Best Gifts for Dad


The best gifts for dad comes from the heart. Find out what the father in your life enjoys in their free time. Take notes if you have to. This way, you surprise them with a gift that they'll cherish for the rest of their lives.


Father's day is coming fast and before you know it it'll be grilling season. Click here for some must-know hacks to dominate tailgating.

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