Finding Their Signature Scent: How to Choose the Perfect Fragrance for a Man

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Finding Their Signature Scent: How to Choose the Perfect Fragrance for a Man



Fragrance for Men: How to Choose the Right Scent for Your Man


Are you looking to buy your man some cologne? If so, check out this fragrance for men guide to learn how to choose the right scent.


Finding your signature scent is easy.


It's all about learning the lingo and following some tricks such as sampling scents the right way (e.g. spritz but don't rub) and living with the scent. That means keeping tester sticks with you once you leave the store so you can check how the fragrances evolve over time. 


But finding the perfect scent for your boyfriend or husband is trickier. Perfumes or colognes are pretty personal. What smells great on your brother or guy friend may not smell as nice on your partner. 


To help you out here's a fragrance for men guide that will make perfume or cologne shopping for your guy a lot easier. 


Understanding Fragrance for Men: What to Know Before Buying Men's Perfume or Cologne


When choosing men's cologne or perfume, you want something that complements his natural body scent. Now, if your man has a selection of fragrances he uses and you love how they smell on him, you can assume he knows what works well with his body chemistry. From there, it's only a matter of figuring out what those scents are.


You can ask him or if you plan to surprise him, check his cache of scents. Look for bottles which are almost used up and then replace one or two or three (if you're feeling generous). 


Now, if you want to give your man a new fragrance to try, don't blind buy something just because it's listed as one of the top fragrances for men. Check his collection of perfumes or colognes again and look for brands that offer a similar scent profile


What About Guys Who Don't Wear Cologne or Perfume?


If your boyfriend or husband doesn't wear cologne or perfume, but you still want to give him one, take a look at his bath products


It's easier to get him to start wearing cologne or perfume if it smells like the soap or body wash he already uses. It's only one extra step to his routine after all. And you can tell him that just-got-out-of-the-shower smell will last longer if he layers it with a complementary cologne or perfume.


Another tip: start small. Don't buy the biggest bottle available since you don't know if your man will use it often. If he comes to love wearing the cologne or perfume you chose for him, then you can buy him a bigger bottle next time.


Wrapping Up


Buying fragrance for men can be a challenge, especially if your partner's not perfume or cologne-wearing type. But if you follow our advice, buying men's cologne or perfume shouldn't be a hassle.


For guys who already wear men's cologne or perfume, all you need to do is figure out the scents he likes. You can then buy a replacement bottle or get him to try a new brand as long as it has the same scent profile. 


For men who don't like wearing cologne or perfume, you can ease him into it by buying something that smells similar to his soap or body wash. Now, if your guy's not picky at all when it comes to his bath products, consider a gift set. It's a good way to get your man to start layering scented products and it could be the push he needs to level up his grooming routine


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