3 Types of Men's Gym Clothes to Increase Your Performance

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3 Types of Men's Gym Clothes to Increase Your Performance



Best Gym Clothes For Men


Did you know there are over 57 million gym memberships in the US today?


Clearly, we're all about getting healthy and staying physically fit. The right amount of dedication and the right trainer can help us accelerate to peak performance levels.


But it's not all about the end product. Keeping an eye on performance and safety is also key. So, selecting the best gym clothes for men means selecting the finest material, the best running shoes, and an epic pair of lifting gloves. Ready for an upgrade?


Under Armour Short-Sleeve Tech T-Shirt


The sweat wicking phenomenon is one of the greatest things to ever enter the world of sports. When we're working out hard and sweating profusely, it's hard for our bodies to do what they do best - sweat out all that heat.

Nearly every sports company has hopped on the sweat wick train, but there's one that still reigns supreme. Under Armour has a line of short-sleeve polyester fabric tees that'll save you from feeling overly self-conscious with each workout. Ready for the best part? It even has an odor-resistant design!


Adidas UltraBoost Running Shoes


We all want our running shoes to get the best traction. Similar to how we need a good pair of cleats out on the soccer field, we need the right pair of running shoes to help us get the right traction at the gym. Whether you're doing jumps or running hard, you need them to get a good grip.

Adidas UltraBoost sneakers are ultra-sleek, lightweight, and easy on the eyes. The midsole is supported by Boost foam which is made of tiny foam capsules, instead of one large strip.

The sleek design on these sneaks isn't just for the eyes. That slight curve toward the front of the shoe allows runners to make a quick transition from heel to toe, enabling a nice spring forward.


Harbinger Weightlifting Gloves


These gloves are made for powerlifting, but they're so good, we'd throw them on for any type of lifting. They're made of a performance mesh that provides added flexibility. Their leather palms are optimized for gripping.

Finally, they're padded using soft open cell foam padding to help protect palms and fingers. Indeed, they check all the right boxes, including leather palms, great fabric, and a movable wrist wrap.


Winning Gym Clothes for Men


There are some days when all we can do is throw on an old Hanes tee and some mesh shorts. But, whenever possible, it's best to keep the best gym clothes for men accessible.

It's not about the name brand or the latest technology. It's about maximizing our time spent at the gym. If you're in the market for some fresh fitness gear, we'll hook you up with everything from dumbbells to a new sauna.

Your Adidas UltraBoost sneakers are going to feel so good, you're going to want to take them from the gym to tomorrow night's tailgating party. You know what's required for tailgating? Some folding chairs, coolers, and glasses rocking your favorite sports team. Have fun out there, living life in your best shape yet!

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