Important Man Cave Accessories You're Missing

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Important Man Cave Accessories You're Missing


If your man cave doesn't have these things, it can hardly be called a man cave at all. Learn more about these important man cave accessories you're missing.


Man caves are serious business - so much that there's even been a contest to find the best one.


Pretty cool, right?


If looking at the other entries has you feeling like your man cave is somewhat lacking, don't worry. With the right accessories, your space will soon be transformed into something amazing.


Ready to be the envy of all your mates?


Let's do this.


1. Pool Table


Is it really a man cave if you can't relax with a cool beer and a few games of pool?

We don't think so.

As well as being a fun way to compete with your mates, pool is proven to have health benefits ranging from better focus to increased balance - and it even slows aging.

Next time the missus complains that you're down there too often, you'll have a list of health benefits to wow her with.


2. Dart Board


Darts is another pub classic that's easy to install in your man cave and lots of fun to play.

The best man cave accessories can be enjoyed solo or with friends, and a dart board definitely fits the bill.

Have fun competing with friends at the weekend, or blow off steam after work by imagining that the board is the face of that particularly annoying coworker...


3. Movie Posters


Your man cave is a place for you to express all the interests that don't fit anywhere else in the house, so it's time to whack out the movie posters!

Whether it's that classic Scarface poster that your wife refuses to have up in the bedroom or a collection of sketches from the making of your favorite animated film, choose posters that you love.

For a true man cave look, paper over an entire wall. For something a little classier, try framing your posters and sticking to just one or two.


4. Huge TV


It's no fun being surrounded by movie posters if you can't watch actual movies.

Every man cave needs a TV - the bigger the better.

It's pretty much compulsory to spend weeks leafing through catalogs, scrolling through reviews, and checking every price comparison site out there before making your purchase, so make the most of it.

Once you've found the perfect TV, you'll need to think about sound, of course...


5. Extra Seating


Your man cave isn't supposed to be kept all to yourself.

Make sure there's plenty of extra seating so that you can invite the boys over to watch the match, take in a movie, or just enjoy some friendly banter.

The more seats you have, the more friends you can accommodate, so it's smart to keep a few beanbags or folding chairs in the corner in case of unexpected guests.

If you often have mates to stay over, invest in a comfy sofa bed. As an added bonus, it's a place for you to crash after an argument with the wife...


How to Choose the Best Man Cave Accessories


The best man cave accessories are specific to your interests and can be enjoyed solo or with mates. Choose anything that looks fun and social, and you're on the right track.


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