Top 5 Music Gifts For Him

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A certain someone's birthday is coming up. Are you stumped about what to get that musician in your life? Here are the top 5 music gifts for him. Each of these thoughtful gifts will hit the sweet spot of men who enjoy making and listening to music more than the average person.


If you've got some special guy in your life who's in need of a gift, why not set yourself apart with a truly special present? And if that guy's a music fan, you're in luck!

We've got just the resource for you! In this article, we'll explore some of the best music gifts for him that will be sure to leave a lasting impression.


5 Bulletproof Music Gifts for Him


At Digs for Dudes, we offer gifting resources for all types of men, from the fitness buff to the creative musician. For the latter, here's a list of gift ideas he's sure to love:


1. Killer Headphones


Like a golf club to a golfer, or a racecar to a driver, headphones determine the quality of performance to music listeners. If that guy in your life is a music lover, then wouldn't you want them to have the best listening experience possible?

Quality headphones (such as products from Bose, RHA, and Sony) can transform any song into a concert-style power anthem. The tech market is filled with headphone models, from earbuds and wireless options to noise-canceling ones.


2. Vinyl Records or a Record Player


While the debate rages on about whether digital or analog sound is "better," you can't deny the cool factor of vinyl. The record player is an iconic device which produces a distinct sound that is both cozy and nostalgic.

With a record player, music lovers can purchase old vinyl records basically anywhere for less than the cost of a CD. What's more, a lot of modern musicians publish their music on vinyl in addition to digital form and compact discs.


3. A Book on Music


While a book of music is a great gift for a musician (something like a songbook or sheet music) a book about music can peak almost any interest. Major bookstores often carry special editions and coffee table books of the lives of music legends.

A book on the history of a particular genre of music or of an instrument they enjoy is a great gift for men of all ages.


4. Music-Inspired Art


Album covers and marketing material for music are creative extensions of the music itself. From that, we have iconic images such as the Beatles crossing Abbey Road, the prism and rainbow of Pink Floyd, and various burning zeppelins.

Album art is uniquely beautiful, but poster art is a whole art form that musical venues adopted to attract attention and drive ticket sales. While vintage poster art will be difficult to find and expensive, many are mass printed today.


5. Venue Tickets


When it comes to music, few things compare to being right in the action at a concert. Don't think that all concerts have to be rock concerts with screaming guitars and booming drums either.

An orchestra or string concert can be just as exciting to some as a football half-time show is to others. Look at local venues for upcoming performances and touring bands for ticketing information.


Digs for Dudes: Gifts for Him


Looking for other great shopping ideas that aren't music gifts for him? Head over to the Digs for Dudes blog for more insightful resources for the special guy in your life.

Our website also features other great shopping advice for men, from top accessories to sports and fitness gear. Check out the Digs for Dudes blog today!

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