Why Using a Sauna Should Be Part of Your Fitness Routine

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Using a Sauna Should Be Part of Your Fitness Routine


Using a sauna lets you relax and "work out" at the same time. Keep reading to find out why saunas should be a part of your fitness routine.


Are you using a sauna as part of your workout routine?


Do you know about the many benefits a sauna can offer?


Believe it or not, using the sauna regularly can be a great aid in your regular workout routine and can help improve your results in the gym. If you're not currently going to the sauna after a tough workout, you may want to start.


Below are the top 5 reasons you should start using a sauna as part of your fitness routine.


1. Lowers Stress


One of the great things about using a sauna after a workout is that it can help reduce your stress levels considerably.

While reducing stress can be great anytime, it's especially beneficial after a tough workout when your body has been in a very active state.

The heat and relaxing nature of the sauna helps you to de-stress and reduce cortisol levels, allowing your body to heal quickly.


2. Improves Your Cardiovascular Health


Going to the sauna can also work wonders for your cardiovascular health. Research shows that far-Infrared saunas (FIRS) can help to normalize your blood pressure and to treat congestive heart failure.

The heat of the sauna can also help to improve your heart as well. The heat dilates your blood vessels and increases your heart rate, helping to improve blood circulation.


3. Increases Hormone Production


Another great benefit of saunas for anyone looking to improve their fitness routine is that it helps increase the natural growth hormone levels in the body. Even once your time in the sauna is over, the levels will continue to increase for some time.

The heat of a sauna also works along with the heat your create while working out to improve your muscle growth. This can help lead to higher gains as the heat combined can provide a lot of additional hormone production.


4. Allows for Better Muscle Recovery


When it comes to helping your muscles to recover faster, a sauna can also be a big help.

While infrared saunas seem to offer the most benefits, all kinds of saunas can help to improve the feeling of your muscles and help them to recover faster. This can, of course, be a great help after a workout.

Additionally, saunas are also great for people who experience chronic pain. Conditions such as arthritis or chronic muscle stiffness can improve after a sauna session as well.


5. Sensitivity to Insulin Increases


Another way that using the sauna can help with your fitness routine is that it helps to promote balanced levels of insulin in your body. The increased heat allows for insulin sensitivity to improve while also reducing muscle protein catabolism at the same time.

Ideal insulin levels will allow for better muscular hypertrophy as your fitness routine goes on and will allow for better gains during your workouts over time.


Is It Time to Start Using a Sauna?


While you may not have considered using a sauna in the past, by now you should be realizing how great it can be for maximizing your fitness routine and having a healthier body.

Consider making the sauna a part of your workout routine, and you may just start reaping the many benefits.


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