How to Choose the Perfect Bachelor Pad Furniture

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How to Choose the Perfect Bachelor Pad Furniture


Living spaces are in high demand due to the more than 109 million single people in America. Yet, once men find a place, they struggle with choosing the perfect bachelor pad furniture. Fear not, this quick guide will help you. Bachelor pads now go beyond the stereotypical college guy's room. It should not be a dirty place filled with unnecessary stuff or clothes thrown on the floor. It should be a place representing a mature, responsible, fun, and stylish man.


As such, you need to go beyond a mattress on the floor, a cheap couch, and expensive electronics. You can have a stylish pad by making the right decor choices. Moreover, it doesn't have to be expensive either. Keep reading to find out the bachelor pad furniture you should be looking for.


Choosing the Right Bachelor Pad Furniture


Decorating any home takes some level of skill. Men's functional nature makes it difficult to choose furniture that seems unnecessary. Anything in the pad must fulfill a practical purpose. Yet, by overcoming this nature you can mix great interior design ideas and your own style.

Here are tips for choosing the perfect bachelor pad furniture:


Select the Right Colors


No man wants to be "accused" of decorating his pad with feminine colors. Men and women see color differently. Thus, men's favorite colors are blue, black, and neutral colors like gray.

Mix neutral and warm colors to break the monotony of the dull colors. For instance, you can have gray seats, dark brown tables, and striped yellow-brown seat pillows. Make sure the furniture colors complement the wall and floor colors.


Avoid the Leather Sofa


Leather sofas are a cliche in men's decor, so instead, ditch this trend and go for other sofa fabrics. Depending on your space, get one long sofa seat and two smaller ones. You can also get corner sofas or seven-seater sofas. Measure the room first before buying any furniture.

As a man, you'll be tempted to avoid pillows. Don't fall into this trap. These pillows add personality to the room by incorporating different designs and colors.


Try Out the Platform and the Traditional Beds


Your bedroom choices could be the traditional strong beds with a headboard or a platform bed. Each of these beds creates a different design approach. For instance, platform beds have a modern and minimalistic style to them.

Sticking to neutral colors will ease your bedroom color worries. Go for a gray bed with white pillows and sheets. Try various shades of gray for the bed, sheets, and pillows. You can also try a different shade of brown or a gray-black combination.


Pick Simple and Stylish Tables, Dressers, and Shelves


Get enough storage space in the pad using dressers, shelves, credenzas, and nightstands. These will be for storing clothes, DVDs, and books. Put everything in its own place.

Select simple and stylish table sets. These remove the hassle of choosing tables and seats. If you have a home office, get a sturdy table with enough drawers and a comfortable office seat.


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As you can see, styling a bachelor pad doesn't have to be complicated. Start with cool or neutral colors, pick the right seat fabrics, and get a strong bed. Choose table sets with simple colors and add furniture with storage spaces. With that done, you'll be halfway to having a perfect bachelor pad.


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