5 Man Cave Ideas Every Guy Will Love

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5 Man Cave Ideas Every Guy Will Love


A man cave should be a place to retreat and enjoy yourself. Here's 5 man cave ideas to make sure your man cave is the escape you've always dreamed of.


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Creating a man cave is an art. It's all about mixing the right amount of comfort, style, and technology into a room you'll love to spend time in.


This article will give you 5 man cave ideas so you can start your manly hibernation:


1) Put Up a Pool Table


Recreation is one of the most important elements of a man cave. A full sized pool table is a great idea for entertaining friends or relaxing after a long day.


You'll be thankful you added a physical activity such as pool to your man cave. This will prevent you and your friends from melting into the couch and never getting up.


2) Set Up a Home Theatre


A home theatre is the perfect way to make your man cave a desirable place to be.


Go all out with your home theatre with reclining chairs complete with cup holders, a large screen tv, and a popcorn machine.


Popcorn machines pop the popcorn for you and keep it hot for the duration of your movie. You can get up and get more popcorn anytime you want and it will be fresh.


With a home theatre, you'll save hundreds of dollars every year on not going out to the movies and buying their overpriced popcorn.

3) Board Game Corner


Board gaming is not obsolete. There are new board games being released all the time with an entire community of gamers backing them.


Start a board game corner in your man cave complete with a gaming table.


Having a large tabletop surface will encourage you to invite friends over and break out the games.


If you're new to board games and aren't sure where to start looking, check out reviews online that list complexity levels. You'll soon get a feel for what type of board games you want and will love playing them in your man cave.


4) Get a Record Player


Sure, Spotify is great, but there's something so satisfying about putting on a record after a long day.


Records have a richer sound than most online music. You can put on a record in the background of your pool tournament or board game.


5) Have a Workout Corner


Creating a workout corner is one of the best man cave ideas because it will get you to workout without having to go to the gym.


When you're in your man cave you'll feel relaxed and happy and in a good head space to pump some iron.


The fitness corner doesn't have to be elaborate. Simply have some dumbbells, a workout mat, and a punching bag to blow off some steam.


Enjoy These Man Cave Ideas


Remember your ultimate man cave will depend on your interests and personal taste.


It should be a room full of what you love even if what you love isn't traditionally "manly". As long as it's a room you can retreat into and feel comfortable you have the ultimate man cave.


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