5 Men's Accessories That Everyone Needs

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The holiday shopping season is in full swing! It's an exciting time if you're in love, but it might also be problematic since men are notoriously difficult to buy presents for. Not every man enjoys receiving a new grill or snowblower.

Rather than spending hours surfing the internet or browsing through stacks of sweaters at the local department store, check out our guide to mens accessories that will be appreciated by just about any guy in your life!


A Sophisticated Money Clip


While you appreciate it when he pays the tab, that ratty old wallet he pulls from his pockets at night's end has certainly seen better days. You might be tempted to buy your guy a new one, but think about a money clip instead.

A money clip is slimmer and easier to carry than a big, bulky wallet, which makes it an ideal choice for a dressier night on the town.

Possibly the best choice of all? This hybrid clip and wallet. It has a magnetic closure to keep bills secure, but also an interior pocket. With enough storage for an ID and maybe one credit card, it's the perfect compromise between the space of a wallet and the slim silhouette of a money clip.


A Handy Dandy Multi-Tool


Are multi-tools really mens accessories? Or just tools? It's debatable. Either way, it's indispensable! If your man likes to MacGyver his way out of a jam, this multi-tool will fit the bill.

With a bottle opener, Phillips head and regular head screwdrivers, knife, and even a miniature saw, this tool will be a lifesaver. Plus, you can have it engraved-- to ensure that no one on the guys' camping trip accidentally pockets the tool marked "To Cuddlepie with love from Kissycakes."


A Monogrammed Key Ring


If your boyfriend, husband, brother or father is still walking around with a huge, janitor-style keyring, buy him this sleek keyring instead. It may encourage him to downsize to the keys he really needs. Even if not, it will add a touch of class to his look.


Dog Tags for the Football Fan


Do you have a man in your life whose butt never leaves the couch on Sunday afternoons or Monday nights, except maybe to get more guac or another beer? Support his love of sports with this NFL fan dog tag set, one of the best mens accessories for a true fan.

One tag is a team charm, while the other is customizable with up to 20 characters' worth of text. Commemorate that big win, or just add his name or nickname.


A Cap To Show His Style


Is your fella a badass golfer? Think that "badass golfer" is a contradiction in terms? This plaid ball cap embossed with a subtle yet stylish skull motif will have you thinking otherwise.

This skull replaces the traditional crossbones with a pair of crossed golf clubs. Now everyone will know not to mess with your guy -- on the fairway or off!


What Mens Accessories Have You Bought This Holiday Season?


If accessories aren't where it's at for your man, Digs for Dudes has a wide variety of other great gifts. Beer steins, clocks, fitness items, and much more!

What's the most well-received accessory you've ever bought for a boyfriend? Help your fellow gift-givers out by suggesting clever and thoughtful ideas in the comments!

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