The Most Popular Men's Decor Trends of 2017

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The Most Popular Men's Decor Trends of 2017



Do you want to keep up with the latest trends when choosing your home decor? If so, here are the most popular men's decor trends of 2017.


Are you looking for cool and trendy mens decor for your man cave? Whether you're turning an entire apartment into a bachelor pad or you have a spare room just for yourself, you'll love these 2017 interior design trends. You need functionality and minimalism, with decorative accents that reflect your personality. At the same time, you want the space to be a home, somewhere you can escape and find peace after a long day. From personalized wall art to natural materials mixed with metals, your home should showcase your favorite things.


Keep reading to discover the best men's home decor trends of the year.


Wall Art

A great way to make your place personal is through quality wall art. Choose framed wall prints to make a wall gallery or a fun wallpaper to cover one wall in the room. Another option is a wall sticker with a motif. This can be anything from nature, animals, a favorite person of yours, city views, streets or even collages. If you're an artist yourself or know someone who is, you can turn an entire wall into a unique masterpiece.


Functional Furniture

The furniture in your home should be comfortable, stylish and functional. For example, choose a sofa or a sectional that'll fit the space perfectly, but will also serve as a sitting area for entertainment. If you have a minimalistic bedroom, but not enough space for your clothes, choose a bed with added storage. In the kitchen, keep it simple and clean. If you cook for yourself, you can have a few appliances out on the counters. Otherwise, they'll just take up too much space.


Rough Accents

A common mens decor theme is adding rough accents throughout the home. One example is mixing wood with metal in furniture, kitchen cabinets, and lighting. Another example includes brick or stone walls, fireplaces, and decorative elements. This adds the necessary masculine touch to the place without being overpowering. Natural materials in any form are easy to style and give any home a cozy, yet elegant look.


Entertainment Area

An interesting mens decor idea is adding a specialized entertainment area for playing games and hanging out. You can add a pool or poker table, darts on the wall, mini golf on the floor, video games, and a bar section with your favorite drinks.


Lowered Bed

Modern bedrooms for men feature lowered beds that give the space a sleek, minimalistic feel. Along with your favorite sheets, throw cushions and a luxurious bed cover, low and platform beds are a must in any man cave. They're also very practical as you won't have to clean under the bed constantly.


Would you choose these mens decor trends for your home?

Your home is your sanctuary and a place where you can relax after a long day, but also invite people over and have fun. Choosing the right home decor for your space is easy with our useful tips.


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