Top 5 Best Fitness Gifts for Men

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Top 5 Best Fitness Gifts for Men


Do you have a friend or loved one who just loves everything about fitness? Here are the top 5 best fitness gifts for men this holiday season.


Fitness gadgets are great gifts for the men in your life who love to work out. Physical activity provides you with a boost in brain power in addition to melting away stress from work and home.


Are you in the market to find fitness gifts for men this holiday season?

Keep reading to discover the top 5 best fitness gifts for men in 2017.


1. Top Fitness Gifts for Men Include Sports Watches by Polar

The first product we need to mention is a sports watch from Polar. This tech-savvy watch has it all. From tracking your distance to pace, you can collect valuable data about any workout you have. Improve your fitness goals with a Polar M400 because it includes features such as wrist-based heart rate and proven accuracy. The battery life of this sports watch is exceptional, and it will last you up to 30 hours of training at a time. Polar Flow is the app that works with the watch to track your training progress. You'll be able to see your daily activity and even see your sleep habits, all from an app connecting your watch to your phone.


2. Lululemon T.H.E Short

Women love Lululemon athletic wear for its stretch and breathability, so their men's line is packed with similar technology. These shorts were crafted with sweat in mind. The linerless material is created with a lightweight fabric designed for quick drying. Lululemon T.H.E. Shorts are easily machine washable. These comfortable shorts will take you from playing basketball with your friends to grabbing dinner with your girlfriend.


3. Under Armour SpeedForm(R) Apollo Vent Sneakers

For a nice running shoe, consider investing in a pair from Under Armour. This brand is another workout favorite to choose fitness gifts for men from this holiday season. Equipped with ArmourVent(TM) mesh that is ready to let your feet breathe as you run long distances at a time, these sneakers are the perfect present for your hardworking fitness guru. Bouncing around from shoe brand to shoe brand is common for athletes. Surprise your loved one with a pair of Under Armour SpeedForm Apollo Vent Sneakers for effortless training years to come.


4. Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pullup Bar

Working out at home is essential for your fitness lover. On his downtime when he can't hit the gym, gifting him with the Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Pullup Bar is a nice choice. For both pushups and pull-ups, this device can be attached to any door. At under $25, this gift idea is affordable. The lucky person you purchase this pullup bar for will work out his arms, chest, and back muscles all in the comfort of his own home!


5. Umoro Shaker Bottle

Fitness gifts for men also include tools for post-workout efficiency. Get your loved one a shaker bottle to prepare protein shakes, drink plenty of fluids throughout a workout, and store protein powder all in one convenient device. He can fix protein shakes after tough workout using a durable Umoro Shaker Bottle.


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